WHS Mobile

WHS Mobile is a utility that lets you manage your Windows Home Server files, port forwards, users, and FTP sites using your Windows Mobile device or an iPhone.

Say you remembered that you needed a file that you had stored on your Windows Home Server while on your way to the office. Normally, this would be a problem. Now that you have WHS Mobile, you can just whip out your Windows Mobile phone (or iPhone) and download the file straight from your WHS. That is just one of the ways WHS Mobile can come in handy and save your butt. (Data plan not included.)

Now introducing the new iPhone client, manage your Home Server via your iPhone!

Current version: v1.5.4.0 (no longer available)

TV Manager

TV Manager is a Windows Home Server add-in that lets you move your recordings to your Windows Home Server for management and storage.

TV Manager is handy for users who record TV using Media Center and have a Windows Home Server. TV Manager moves the shows over to your Windows Home Server for management and viewing. This makes sharing recorded TV with the whole family a snap.TV Manager has the ability to play your recordings in Media Center just as if they were sitting on your Media Center PC. You can delete recordings from using Media Center like any other recording. You can also play the recordings on non-Media Center PCs over the internet using the TV Manager Web Interface or locally using Windows Media Player. TV Manager is free of charge and the client works with Windows XP Media Center 2005 and Vista Media Center. The TV Manager add-in works with or without Windows Home Server Power Pack 1.

Current version: v1.0.1 (no longer available)

DVD Manager

DVD Manager is an easy (and free) solution to automated DVD ripping using your Windows Home Server. DVD Manager supports ripping to many formats including: a folder, International Standards Organization (ISO), Windows Media Video (WMV), Audio Video Interleave (AVI), and more. Set the output format you want the DVDs to be ripped to, and then forget about it. Pop a DVD into your Windows Home Server and the movie will automatically be copied to a specified share on your Windows Home Server.

Current version: v0.0.0.30 Alpha (no longer available)

FTP Manager

FTP Manager configures and installs the IIS FTP component for Windows Home Server.  Transfer files to and from your Windows Home Server remotely with ease.

Current version: v0.0.1.2 (no longer available)


TabCreator is a simple way to host your own applications inside its own separate Windows Home Server Console Tab. TabCreator makes it easy to add frequently used applications to the Windows Home Server Console.

Current version: v0.0.1 alpha (no longer available)