Media Browser Portable

Media Browser for Windows Phone makes it easy to stream your Media Browser collections on Windows to your Windows Phone.

Media Browser Features:

  • On-the-fly transcoding and stream video files
  • Show folder and backdrop images
  • Support for tv series and seasons
  • Get collections from Media Browser settings on Windows
  • Show metadata for movies, tv series, and episodes
  • Option to customize video streaming quality
  • Option to disable folder and backdrop images
  • Support for grouping of items in lists by title or year
  • Lists the actors in the currently selected movie
  • Cache support to prevent downloading movie metadata and folder images every load
  • Images are resized and cropped before sending to save bandwidth
  • Resume support for previously watched/started videos
  • Seek support during playback
  • Full DVD streaming support (no menus)
  • Support for Active Directory logins

Coming Soon:

  • Parental controls support
  • Music playback support


  • Media Browser for Windows

User Guide


Please make sure you read the user guide in order to download, install, and configure required software.

New in v1.2:

  • Fixed: Crashes when a backdrop is not found

New in v1.1:

  • Fixed: Crashes when connection details are incorrect