If you have Windows 7 and Mozilla Firefox 3.1 beta (or the upcoming Firefox 3.5), then you should know about Winfox. Winfox allows you to use those new super cool taskbar features built-in to the jumplists with Firefox. I'm sure you know how Internet Explorer in Windows 7 lets you access your frequently used sites and tasks with just a right click of the taskbar, right? With Winfox, you can do the same with Firefox. Pin frequently used sites, get your top fifteen visited sites, and easy access to launching Firefox from the taskbar. You can even drag a page from your favorites or navigation toolbar (by dragging the favicon) to pin it to the taskbar! With Winfox, Windows 7 just got more personal.


  • Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit, run the extractor based on your processor architecture)
  • At least Mozilla Firefox 3.0

Note: Winfox must be running to update your top sites. Firefox extension installation required to get tab count and progress bar overlays.

Tips: Pin Winfox to your taskbar to utilize easy launch and access to your Firefox Jumplist.


  • Frequent Items support
  • Tasks support
  • Pin support
  • Auto-detection of the Firefox directory and user profile
  • FavIcon support (downloads top fifteen favicons to your Firefox Cache directory)
  • Launch Firefox by clicking on the Winfox icon
  • Linking of all open Firefox windows – Sets all Firefox windows to use Winfox (only if Winfox is running)
  • Taskbar progress overlay when downloading files
  • Number of open tabs illustrated using a taskbar icon overlay
  • Multiple Firefox profile support


Winfox–32 bit and 64 bit - Install to your Firefox directory